Li & Byron's Yosemite Engagement Session & Cookout | Jenn Whalen

October 24, 2020

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Li & Byron’s Yosemite Engagement Session & Cookout

Li & Byron were looking for a Yosemite wedding photographer and guide and reached out to me for their Yosemite engagement session. After discussing some great options, I made a plan for their day that reflected their personalities and desires for how they wanted to experience their Yosemite engagement session. I love photographing engagement sessions because there is so much flexibility to incorporate things that couples love to do together. Li and Byron’s adventure engagement session was a home run for two reasons: incorporating a shared interest & activity they enjoy doing together, and capturing artful, environmental portraits during golden hour. Li and Byron have spent lots of time in Yosemite and since we all consider ourselves National Park enthusiasts, Yosemite was the perfect backdrop for their engagement session.

Cookout in Yosemite Valley

Since my early days of documenting love stories, it has been important to craft sessions where I document something or a place couples have sentiment towards. Although simple and candid, without this portion of the session, it feels empty to me, as if I’m not capturing enough of what makes each couple unique. Li works for a food group in the Bay Area. Naturally, I was expecting some nice food touches. But I was totally surprised to see Japanese Waygu steak for the grill!  It was my first experience. I have to say, I was impressed. I’ve never tasted anything like it. Melted in my mouth! And though it’s not pictured, Li and Byron graciously cooked us every single meal during the course of our stay. Li and Byron have welcoming hearts and kind souls.

Artful Environmental Portraits during Golden Hour

Almost every single engagement session is scheduled during a time of day where I can best capture the golden hour. It’s one of my favorite things about being a photographer. I guide couples to wear an outfit that’s a little dressier to fit the occasion and the milestone of their engagement. I prefer areas with a majestic environment and sunset view. These viewpoints in Yosemite have become quite popular and are not what they used to be 5 years ago, but the sunset nonetheless breathtaking!

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