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Elopement Packages

Southern + Northern California
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Elopement Packages

Values the elopement experience and prioritizes you on your wedding day by making sure it’s only filled with all the love and activities that make you two uniquely you

Is an expert in eloping in the California and can help with permits, finding hidden gems, researching fun things to do, and can recommend other vendors to make all your visions come to life

Can go with the flow (and is always prepared with back up plans) to ensure a totally stress-free day. 

Knows how to creatively capture a variety of different landscapes and lighting situations to capture your epic love in epic places.

So, you decided to elope and experience your day your way!

Congratulations! You made the best decision!

But now you're searching for a photographer who...

Elopements are way too small to hire a traditional party planner, but they also require enough planning that you could use a helping hand. Which is why I help you plan your elopement and and bring your dream day to you, whatever that looks like for you…

I absolutely love working with couples like you two - ready to do things your way and kick what’s ‘traditional’. But you are most likely wondering what this whole process looks like and wanding to know what’s next because you are probably the first ones in your family to embark on this type of adventure elopement!

Hey Lovebirds! I'm Jenn!

I'm more than just your photographer.

Consider me your:

Don’t worry, I’ve made the path clear so you don’t get confused. Whether you are super outdoorsy and want to hike along a mountain trail or you’d rather have a relaxing walk on the beach, or anything in between, I will plan and lead you through the elopement of your dreams.

- Chelsea

"Jennifer's keen eye and dedication to such a stylistic approach have us loving each and every single picture captured. It was more than a pleasure to have her with us every step of that day; it was like hanging with two gal pals! WE COULD NOT HAVE ASKED FOR ANY BETTER ARTISTIC VISION than hers. We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND JENNIFER'S TALENT to each and every couple out there that wants something fresh and unique when considering a photographer."

- Rachel

"Jenn captures every moment at every angle. This isn't your traditional photography! This is a new age of photography where the surroundings become as important as the people! The beauty of laughter, angles, and exposure bring out perfect pictures! YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME CHOOSING WHICH PHOTOS YOU WANT IN YOUR ALBUM!”

- Natalie

“We hired Jenn to take our engagement photos out in Joshua Tree. She straight-up SLAYED every photo, spent so much time with us, and was so fun to work with. I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER ENOUGH. I say this as an art director who works with photographers on photoshoots all the time at my job: hire this woman! You won't regret it.”

- Kylie

“We were thrilled with how the photos turned out. Jenn is a very skilled editor and has a wonderful aesthetic. I KNEW IT WOULD BE DIFFICULT FOR MY PHOTOGRAPHER HUSBAND TO FIND A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER WHO HE TRUSTED, BUT WE ARE BLTH SO GLAD THAT JENN SHOT OUR WEDDING. She will make your vision come true and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

What others are saying:

Help you plan your entire customized adventure from start to finish

Help you secure any necessary permits (depending on your chosen location) so that you don't have to spend time or stress about researching on your own

Coordinate the timeline and all other logistics including backup plans so that you tow can relax, have fun, and just be in the moment. (instead of checking the time and worrying about logistics)

Let you know the best places to stay (including the hidden gems) so you end up in an area that fits the vibe of you two perfectly

Send you a curated list of private chefs or restaurants for your elopement dinner based on your preferences 

Give you my list of trusted hair & makeup artists, florists and other vendors that will help you bring the vision of your day to life, and anything else you need to save you time and stress 

Share my top recommendations on where to order the perfect elopement dress and vow books

Help you with the logistics of your marriage license (including where and when to get it) so that there's no confusion

Sign as your officiant if you want me to. I'm ordained, so you don't have to hire anyone else for this role because it's already taken care of!

Help come up with fun activities for your day (and find ways to make your day fun for your guests too) 

Come prepared with a bluetooth speaker for your first dance, a back up wedding dress for ocean fun (and a pop-up tent for changing in), and an "emergency kit" (full of bobby pins, band-aids and granola bars) just to name a few things, so you're completely covered every step of the way

Send over a customized checklist of everything you need to bring for your elopement down to the finest details so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything

And of course, take you to the most epic locations to say your "I do's"! 

Because I'll...

Why Choose Me as your elopement photographer, planner and cheerleader?

Highlight Video
Ceremony Video

A la carte items include:

Discovery Call
Location Recommendations
Unlimited Planning Guidance 
Vendor Recommendations + Referrals
Permit Assistance 
Marriage License Assistance 
Optional Marriage License Signing 
Unlimited Correspondence
Custom Checklist
Custom Timeline
Sneak Peek Images
Private Online Gallery
Printing Rights
My Travel Fees 


Adventure Wedding + Elopement Packages

Let’s Talk Pricing

If you are wondering what why you'd want to opt for the sunrise + sunset option, there's several reasons: The early morning hours and golden hours during sunset is best for photography, so you will have your memories captured during the best times of day for lighting.

The another important reason is because you will have the most privacy during an early morning ceremony. Some elopements take place on private land, but a lot of them take place on public land and to maximize your chances for the most privacy, opting for a sunrise ceremony, especially at a popular national park is the way to go. 

It's always a good idea to opt for this package if you want to include certain activities such as horseback riding, underwater ocean fun like scuba diving, helicopter rides, kayaking, or hiking to an epic viewpoint, etc. 

This sunrise + sunset elopement experience, also known as my "split-day coverage package" is will give you lots of time during the middle of the day to be together. If you want to relax and bust out a blanket and have a picnic in the park for lunch, go for it! 

10 hours in California starts at $6,800

10 hours in Hawaii Starts at 7,800

Sunrise + Sunset  Elopements

(popular for Yosemite & Hawaii)

The Packages

8 hours sure does seem like a long time, but time flies when you plan a day full of all the things you love! This elopement experience is 8 continuous hours and will allow me to photograph you while you get your hair & makeup done, getting ready moments of you and your partner getting dressed, a "first look" moment, ceremony, first dance, creative photo session in multiple locations, including sunset, as well as the opportunity to grab some food during the day as we casually spend our time exploring the best spots around the area! This 8-hour experience is for couples who want to adventure around while not being rushed as well as have many authentic moments throughout the day captured!

8 hours in California starts at $5,800

8 hours in Hawaii starts at $6,800

(popular for Big Sur, Catalina Island, Malibu & Hawaii)

Full-Day Elopements

This 4-hour elopement is for couples who want a simple and sweet experience. There will be plenty of time to venture to your ceremony location and time for creative portraits during while documenting your short adventure. These elopements can take place in Malibu, Joshua Tree, Catalina Island and other select areas around southern California.

4 hours in California
Starts at $4,800

Half-Day Elopements


This sweet and romantic elopement experience is for couples who just can’t wait to say, “I do.” This experience only applies to two-person elopements and can be planned as little as 2 weeks out. You’ll start off with your ceremony by exchanging vows and then we'll take lots of stunning photos during our creative portrait session. If you want to jump into the ocean, go for it! Upgrade your package to include guests and/or enjoy your beach picnic at the end with sparking wine and treats. These elopements only take place on beaches in Malibu, and the nearby Santa Monica Mountains.

2 hours

Malibu Beach Elopements

A few days after your wedding day, I will send you some sneaky peeky images for social media and present your entire gallery on your one-month anniversary. You’ll have tangible memories to print and share with your loved ones. Forever relive your day through the art of your one-of-a-kind photographs.

06. Deliver

The best day of your lives has finally arrived! You’ll have the day of your dreams and get married while I document it all so you won’t ever forget how you felt.

05. Elope

Remember, this isn’t standard wedding planning where you have to collect a hundred addresses for invitations and spend days putting together a table chart. This is SO MUCH BETTER! It’s time to start creating a timeline for new experiences you’ll have while saying, “I do!” I’ll provide you with unlimited correspondence, permit and marriage license assistance, vendor recommendations, and a personalized checklist.

04. plan

Once you have chosen a date and general location for your elopement, I’ll send you an email through my booking site to make things official with a contract and deposit!

03. Book

We’ll chat and get to know each other and discuss your vision, so you feel truly heard. Whether you are avid weekend hikers or not very outdoorsy at all, I will make sure to guide you to an appropriate elopement location that suits your personality and relationship. If you want to include a few family members and friends, we can discuss those options, too. I’ll give you all the information you need to know for booking.

02. Discover

Reach out on my website by filling out the contact form. I can’t wait to meet you!

01. Inquire

Your greatest adventure is the one that starts right now.

Our journey looks like this:

If you are ready to embark on your elopement journey, AWESOME! Here's the next steps...

I’m happy to accommodate approximately 10- 15 guests (depending on your location) and find ways to make your day fun for them, too. After 15 guests, your elopement will start turning into a wedding, so I strongly recommend staying under 15 in order to keep in alignment with the spirit of eloping. 

Keep in mind that logistics get difficult with more people and will limit location options. 

Bathrooms, parking, and seating, just to name a few things, get more complicated as you add more people to your day. 


Want to Include some guests?

I Travel all around California and Hawaii for elopements and whether I fly, drive, camp, or take a boat, all my travel is included into each package

An adventure wedding is an intentionally planned wedding day in a majestic destination with a minimalist guest list and an emphasis on experiences over things. Of course, definitions of this will vary, but I use the terms interchangeably. Elopements are weddings with 0-15-ish guests, while small or intimate weddings entail a wedding with up to 50 guests.

What is the difference between an “adventure wedding,” “elopement,” “small wedding,” and “intimate wedding”?

6:00 am - Meet at Glacier Point for your epic sunrise ceremony!
7:00 am - Have coffee & doughnuts and relax in the fresh morning air
8:00 am - venture around the area for epic portraits
10:00 pm - End morning session and take a break!
3:00 pm - Meet at Tunnel View
4:00 pm - Start hike along the trail to Taft Point
6:00 pm - Golden hour portrait session
7:30 pm - Head back on the trail
8:00 pm - End elopement session

Each elopement timeline is unique, so this is just one example for Yosemite:

You do not have to choose one of my suggested locations. If you already have a location in mind, let’s talk about it. I travel all around the US and internationally frequently!

Do we have to choose one of your suggested locations, or can I hire you to photograph somewhere else?

I use the word “guide” a bit interchangeably sometimes. While I guide you through the eloping process and show you around a location, I do not work as a certified outdoor guide. I value official guides very highly, and I take my job and outdoor activities much too seriously to include official guiding in my job description. While I am comfortable hiking with couples in remote locations, I require that you work with a local, certified outdoor guide for any activities requiring anything technical beyond my comfort level in guiding you. I am always happy to recommend guides and support the local community and ensure we uphold a high standard of safety for everyone involved.

Are you also a guide? Can you take us scuba diving, off-roading, etc.?

I have several locations that do not require difficult hiking or any hiking equipment. In the discovery call, I will ask detailed questions to figure out what your preferences are. I want to make sure you love your location and it fits your personality!

What if we are not as outdoorsy as some of the featured weddings on your website? 

First and foremost, I am a photographer. While I am not officially a wedding planner, I have found that many of my couples—especially those with fewer than ten guests—do not need a planner for their elopement because of how involved I am in helping. Elopements tend to be too small to hire a traditional party planner but still mysterious enough where a helping hand goes a long way. With my many years working in the wedding industry, vendor relationships, and love for the outdoors, I am here to help with everything. However, in my experience, when weddings exceed ten guests or involve a venue, the focus shifts from the couple to the guest experience. When the focus begins to shift toward the guests’ comfort, hiring one of my recommended coordinators is best. They specialize in small weddings to help with the planning beforehand and liaise between everyone’s expectations and my ability to continue my photographic work on the day of the wedding. In either case, I do not offer to book anything on your behalf (such as lodging, vendors, etc.) or official guidance.

Are you also a wedding planner?

I am authorized to sign your marriage license as your ordained minister! That means you can say your vows to each other in my presence while I take photos, and it's perfectly legal in the state of California and a few other select states. This makes things hassle-free if you plan on having your intimate ceremony in a remote area since you won’t have to worry about paying an officiant to travel and hike to the destination. If you obtain a confidential marriage license, you do not even need a witness. You are more than welcome to bring along your own officiant if you prefer for your ceremony to be more culturally formal. If you plan on having guests at your ceremony, I recommend hiring a separate officiant to perform your ceremony for a more pleasant guest experience. I can guide you to the correct website to obtain your marriage license, but you will be responsible for obtaining your marriage license, bringing it with you on the wedding day and paying for additional certified copies.

Tell us more about being ordained and how that all works. 

Of course! Eloping doesn’t just have to be the two of you! However, including some guests may change the price of your beach package.

Can I invite some guests? 

Southern California has some of the best weather in the entire country year-round, however, bad weather does happen. Suppose a third-party operator involved, such as a pilot or captain, determines that it’s too dangerous. In that case, the wedding will be rescheduled, or a substitute location will be found to perform the same day elopement.

Since all these elopement weddings are outdoors, what do you do in case of bad weather?

11:00 am - Hair & Makeup
12:00 am - Get your dress on!
12:30 pm - First Look
1:00 pm - Ceremony 
1:30 pm - Creative Portrait Session
3:00 - Grab some food!
5:00 - Golden Hour photo session along the coast
7:00pm - Wrap Elopement Session and head to your dinner!

Each 8 hour timeline is Unique, but here's example for Big Sur: 

First of all, I know your good side. If you don’t know what side is your good side, I’ll help you find it. Second of all, so many couples have asked those same questions! Elopement couples tend to have personalities of not wanting too much attention and being a bit camera shy. My goal is to capture an authentic representation of your day with a creative eye for composition and moments. My process starts with pure documentation free of posing at the beginning of your day with candids of getting ready or walking to your ceremony location. This takes the pressure off and warms you up to being in front of the camera. Throughout my entire career, my clients appreciate that I capture all the in-between moments. These photos often become their most cherished memories. I only take posed photos of you after your ceremony, so you are already feeling more relaxed to celebrate having your environmental portraits taken. When it comes to capturing creative portraits, most couples want some direction without feeling cheesy. I prefer to “candidly pose” you by giving prompts so you feel comfortable and natural while we are taking those majestic environmental portraits.

How would you describe your approach to photographing couples? What if we are awkward/shy in front of the camera?

My photography is clean, colorful, and cinematic. When I edit photos, I aim to make the colors realistic and vibrant and the skin tones true to life and flattering. I like to see detail in clouds, blue tones in the ocean, and greens in the trees. Since the weddings I photograph are in such beautiful locations, I want to capture the scenery. I do not put heavy filters on photos or desaturate the colors as I feel it dates the images and takes away the timeless look. I use state-of-the-art cameras and lenses and edit photos to reflect quality.

How would you describe your photographic and editing style?

I will give you ten sneak peek images 1 week after your wedding. I present your entire edited photo gallery for your one-month anniversary!

When will we get the photos?

On average, I deliver 50 to 80 photos per hour of coverage. For example, if you have 8 hours of coverage, you can expect to receive 400 - 640 edited photos. You will have access to your very own private viewing gallery with the option to download high-resolution images. You will be granted printing rights to print your photos wherever you want.

How many photos are included, and can we print them?

I typically book elopements anywhere from 3 weeks (depending on location) to 1.5 years in advance.

How far in advance can I book my elopement with you?

I’m so stoked! Fill out the contact form first, and I will be in touch for our discovery call. I can’t wait to hear from you!

What are the next steps, and how do we book you? 

Frequently Asked Questions

schedule a call with me and we can go over your vision and see what we can do to turn them into reality!

Have more questions? 

- Michelle J.

“After speaking with several Joshua Tree elopement photographers, we are SO glad that we chose Jennifer Whalen Photography! She is a true adventure wedding photographer at heart and was able to help us plan the most perfect and stress-free elopement! She knew the ins and outs of the location, permits, timing, weather and truly brought everything together seamlessly, which allowed us to be in the moment and enjoy our special day. In addition to the planning aspect, we LOVE how all of our photos and video came out. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL SHE WAS ABLE TO CAPTURE EVERY DETAIL AND MOMENT WHILE WE WERE ABLE TO JUST TAKE IT ALL IN. She went above and beyond to capture every moment and is truly such a talented wedding photographer! In addition to her talent, she is super personable, which is important because your photographer is part of your wedding day, and Jennifer made the experience so much fun and truly such a memorable experience for us. Thank you, Jennifer!”

“Far exceeded our expectations!”

- Stefanie B.

“We are from Germany, and we were looking for someone who could capture images of our elopement in Santa Monica. I contacted Jenn, and she was sooo great from the beginning. She answered all our questions via email (and I had a lot of questions), and that made us feel really good. When we arrived in Venice, we met her, and it felt like meeting a friend. She's fun and professional at the same time. We talked about our ideas, and she was unbelievably motivated and creative. Then we definitely knew that she was the right choice. ON OUR ELOPEMENT DAY, SHE WAS MORE THAN ON TIME AND WELL PREPARED. Our family and friends were amazed at the photos when we got back home. Working with Jenn was the best thing that could have happened to us. It was fun, uncomplicated and she had so much energy and went on a rollercoaster ride with us :) Awesome pictures and an AWESOME PERSON! Thanks for everything!”

“What can I say?! PERFECT!!” 

- Amber E.

“From the moment my wife and I reached out to Jennifer wanting to schedule a mini wedding in Malibu, it was as if she could read our minds. When I told her the date, she mentioned Yosemite instead, our DREAM, but we never thought we could afford it. Everything was planned out, but Yosemite was shut down two days before the elopement due to wildfires. I JUST KNEW THE WHOLE THING WOULD BE CANCELED, BUT JENNIFER JUMPED ON IT AND GAVE US THREE OTHER OPTIONS. We went with Zion, and we were NOT disappointed. Jennifer and her videographer, Dan, went above and beyond to make our day super special. I had a place in mind for the ceremony, but Jennifer had already scoped out multiple locations. Trust her eye because she knows what she’s talking about! Jennifer and Dan are so fun to work with, and I recommend you hire them for all your wedding or elopement needs.”

“She went out of her way to make sure our day was super special.”

- Rebecca S.

Jenn is an amazing photographer and a super sweet person, and SHE MADE OUR ELOPEMENT BETTER THAN WE COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED. On our first call with her, she was so patient with all of our many, many questions. After we selected Jenn to be our photographer, she made absolutely everything else fall into place. She had a contact for us to work with to get our marriage license and recommended lodging options and hair/makeup options. She was extremely knowledgeable about different shooting locations and helped us find the perfect spot in the woods for our ceremony. She took the time to iron out every little detail with us before the big day. Her photography is amazing, and she really does whatever it takes to get the perfect shot." 

“Jennifer was *everything* for our elopement – our photographer, our officiant, and our planner!”