June 23, 2021

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Rebecca & Tyler’s Adventure Elopement in Big Sur

Join my lovely couple Rebecca & Tyler on their incredible destination elopement in Big Sur, and discover the story behind their wedding photography.

As an elopement photographer in California, I’m blessed with an abundance of stunning scenery to backdrop my couples against. From the never-ending beauty of Yosemite National Park, to the incredible desert cliffs of Malibu Canyon to the classic California desert vibes at  Joshua Tree National Park – we’re spoiled, that’s for sure! But nowhere else makes my photographer heart aflutter more than Big Sur, a goldmine for the destination elopement couple. This wondrous stretch of coastline is home to beautiful seaside cliffs, epic forests filled with huge redwood trees and adorable little cottages. It’s an oasis for couples who want to truly get off the beaten track, and find a space all of their own to tie the knot in. And it’s here where Rebecca & Tyler decided they wanted to exchange their vows.

BigSur-Elopement-Photographer-RebeccaandTyler-AdventureWeddingPhotographer_0052 Rebecca & Tyler's Adventure Elopement in Big Sur

Big Sur, a Dream Location for an Elopement Photographer

If you’ve already had a sneaky browse of Rebecca and Tyler’s California wedding, I’m guessing you already understand why an adventure elopement photographer like me would love Big Sur so much! It’s got everything a couple looking to marry in the great outdoors could dream of. Rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, spectacular forests and endless horizons – it’s a destination that has never failed to impress my clients. And this was especially true of Rebecca and Tyler, as they had never visited this area of California before, and were blown away by its scenery.

BigSur-Elopement-Photographer-RebeccaandTyler-AdventureWeddingPhotographer_0052 Rebecca & Tyler's Adventure Elopement in Big Sur

A California Road Trip

Both Rebecca and Tyler reside in Laguna Beach, California. Rebecca is from southern California, and Tyler is from Arizona. This couple, like so many of my past clients had never been to some of the States most well-known areas. Which is fair enough, as California is just so vast, and it’s understandable that folks might forget what’s in their own backyard. Especially when you consider that some destinations are a very long drive, or even a plane ride away. As an elopement photographer in Big Sur, I’ve met many California residents who take their elopement as an opportunity to travel somewhere in the state they’ve never been before, or check off somewhere big on their bucket list! Like a California road trip! And this is exactly what Rebecca and Tyler did. From their home in Laguna Beach to Big Sur, they passed many stunning landmarks. Like the quaint little town of  Carmel, or  Paso Robles, a popular area considered part of wine country, and where they decided to take their honeymoon. The route ended up being a really memorable journey, traveling up the iconic Hwy 1 (voted #1 scenic hwy) and looping over to the 101 on the way back down. I, personally, love both highways for different reasons. Hwy 1, Pacific Coast Hwy or PCH never disappoint with dozens of turnouts to pull into for picture taking, and 65 miles of coastal views. Hwy 101 is particularly gorgeous, with scenic rolling hills and a much quicker, straighter route going north.

BigSur-Elopement-Photographer-RebeccaandTyler-AdventureWeddingPhotographer_0052 Rebecca & Tyler's Adventure Elopement in Big Sur

An Intimate Wedding

Rebecca and Tyler chose a ‘just us’ adventure elopement wedding, which meant that on the day they were only joined by me, their Big Sur photographer/ officiant. Becoming ordained has given me the ability to gift my couples with a unique experience – one that promotes intimacy, and provides privacy. Because of this, Rebecca and Tyler were able to be totally present with each other throughout the day, and simply enjoy each other’s company, without any outside distraction. This was a priority for them in fact, and was something they made clear during our first discussions. It was during these chats I was able to determine which location would fit them best, based on their personality and their desire to celebrate alone. Together, we landed on  Big Sur, and decided to book the big day for a Monday in May. The area is a very popular tourist destination on the weekends and especially during the summer. But fortunately, at the very beginning of the week, you can have this natural wonderland to yourself!

BigSur-Elopement-Photographer-RebeccaandTyler-AdventureWeddingPhotographer_0052 Rebecca & Tyler's Adventure Elopement in Big Sur

So What does an All Day Elopement Look Like? Here’s a timeline from Rebecca and Tyler’s Day!

7:30 – hair and makeup arriving

9:00 – Begin Coverage, arrive at Glen Oaks Cabin for getting ready photos

9:30 – Done with hair and makeup

10:00 – First Look Outside of Cabin

10:30 – Ceremony

-First Dance

-Photos around Glen Oaks

-Marriage License paperwork

-Celebrate with Champagne

1:00 – Conclude morning Coverage


4:30 – Meet at Creek Bridge

5:30 – Garrapata State Park photos

7:00 – Garrapata State Beach

8:10 – Sunset

8:30 – Conclude Coverage

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BigSur-Elopement-Photographer-RebeccaandTyler-AdventureWeddingPhotographer_0052 Rebecca & Tyler's Adventure Elopement in Big Sur

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