June 24, 2021

Adventure Weddings + Elopements, Joshua Tree

Adventure Elopement in Joshua Tree & Milkyway Session

Planning a Joshua Tree Elopement

Michelle and Michael reached out to me to be their photographer for their Joshua Tree elopement. When photographing elopements, I strive for three things; 1. Help create an experience and take photos that are truly reflective of the couple and their personalities, 2. Create space in the day so they can savor the moments and spend time with just each other, and 3. Take epic artful photos that will hang on their walls and shelves for years to come. When eloping, there is less fuss, little to no stress involved, and those intimate moments that deepen the bond between two souls. When Michelle contacted me to photograph their Joshua Tree elopement, she was deciding between two scenarios: either a small wedding ceremony at Laguna Beach with their parents and immediate family members or a “just us” elopement in Joshua Tree. The biggest challenge that arose was Covid and who to invite to the beach gathering. So, instead of sparking family drama (that many couples encounter when planning a wedding) and hurting her loved ones by making a selection, she threw everything to the wind and decided to book a swanky AirBnB for a couple of nights and have a ‘just us’ elopement day with Michael and myself as their Joshua Tree elopement photographer.

JoshuaTree-Elopement-Photographer-MichelleandMichale-0072 Adventure Elopement in Joshua Tree & Milkyway Session

As an adventurous soul whose passion is fueled by wanderlust, I am more than eager to capture love in different and unique locations – and that is precisely what makes elopements even more special. When eloping in the great outdoors, you don’t choose a venue that thousands of other couples have been to and had their ceremony under the same arch. You have the unique opportunity to pick your own corner of the world. A spot where no other couple has stood before you, exchanging your vows with authentic scenery that will become personal to just the two of you. And Michelle and Michael did exactly that. In Michael’s vows, he said he always knew he wanted the day to be just about them. He didn’t know it would be in the middle of the desert! But he knew he wanted to play out that vision for his wedding day. Well, as Michael’s big vision for a “just us” wedding day unfolded, and Michelle’s attention to detail helped it come to fruition, they picked their spot under the stars from all the Joshua Tree elopement locations and let their story unravel into the next chapter of their lives.

JoshuaTree-Elopement-Photographer-MichelleandMichale-0072 Adventure Elopement in Joshua Tree & Milkyway Session

A Desert Destination Elopement Ceremony During Sunset

I was so eager to plan their day with them and help Michelle paint her vision for her ceremony and the starry night photo session. She was really excited about the milky way galaxy photos because they are so creative and different from most other wedding photos out there. Therefore, we decided to choose the most optimal period for getting the clearest view of the Milky Way! I wanted to do a versatile twist on the Joshua Tree elopement locations and also capture these night shots to bring out their desire to have photos that go beyond the status-quo wedding photos. I always photograph during the golden hour, but since I have all the equipment needed to branch out my creativity, we opted for this too. Michelle and Michael wanted something different, and different is what inspires me most!

If you’d like to get in touch to inquire about how I can help you get married in Joshua Tree and capture your special elopement or small wedding, check out my California elopement packages and fill out my contact form. I am looking forward to getting to know your own unique love story!

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