December 7, 2020

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Jennie and Jeremy’s Intimate Wedding in Shenandoah Valley

Jennie and Jeremy were looking for an adventure wedding photographer and guide and reached out to me for their small wedding in the Shenandoah Valley and Appalachian mountains.

Jennie and Jeremy got married last month in the Appalachian mountains at Savage River Lodge with 15 guests. Both Jennie’s family and Jeremy’s family have an outdoor background.  Jennie comes from a family of foresters and botanists.  Jeremy grew up around mountain bikers.  Choosing an outdoor, woodsy venue at Savage River Lodge was naturally perfect for both families. 

Because of covid, both families wanted a small wedding weekend.  A reason why we documented Jennie and Jeremy’s small wedding was to keep the footprint small.  Having photographed so many weddings before, the videographer I work with, Dan were not only the photographer and videographer that day, but planners as well.  From creating the wedding day timeline, to recommending florists, musicians and audio setup, it was extra tasks for us, but rewarding seeing both families and Jennie & Jeremy’s gratefulness during these difficult times.

My favorite moments of the day were wandering around the forest grounds, following the light rays in the trees.  “Magical autumn forest” is the best I can describe our photo / video session because they’re so stunning!  From the pictures, you could not tell it was 40 degrees and windy that day because both Jeremy and Jennie have such a great positive outlook together.  The inclusion of their pup, Sophie, in the photo shoots helped…maybe just a little.  The three of them make an amazing family and I am so happy for them!

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