May 11, 2023

Adventure Weddings + Elopements, Catalina Island

Dreamy and Ethereal Catalina Island Elopement // Ali & Jon

Ali and Jon’s dreamy Catalina Island elopement to the ethereal-looking town of Avalon was such a treat to photograph! Catalina Island is such a magical and romantic destination for elopements! Ali and Jon’s elopement was absolutely stunning and their love for each other was truly infectious!

There’s just something about the island that makes it the perfect place for eloping. The stunning coastline, the lush hillsides in the spring months, and the quaint town of Avalon all come together to create a truly dreamy atmosphere.

Ali-and-Jon-48 Dreamy and Ethereal Catalina Island Elopement // Ali & Jon
Ali-and-Jon-48 Dreamy and Ethereal Catalina Island Elopement // Ali & Jon

Islands hold a special place in Jon’s heart as he hails from Hawaii, where island culture and a laid-back lifestyle are deeply ingrained in the community. The slower pace of living on Catalina Island during their elopement allowed him to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Much like how he values the Hawaiian way of life. After their beautiful elopement, Jon and Ali will be moving back to Hawaii, where he will begin his fulfilling career as a medical doctor and continue to embrace island living.

A Non-Traditional Pink Wedding Dress

I absolutely loved Ali’s bridal look. Her blush pink dress was the perfect choice for a romantic and ethereal vibe! And it complemented the soft background of the island beautifully. And Jon fit her vibe in his all-white attire!

Ali-and-Jon-48 Dreamy and Ethereal Catalina Island Elopement // Ali & Jon

A “Just Us” Elopement Day

But what I loved most about their elopement was their focus on each other. They kept the day simple and intimate, allowing them to truly cherish every moment of their “just us” day.

And with a few nights booked on the island, they were able to turn their elopement into a mini honeymoon and explore all that Catalina has to offer such as going to Two Harbors and taking a safari tour into the interior of the island! Some of of my personal favorites to do on the island is taking a helicopter tour, hiking along the Trans Catalina Trail, and kayaking to the dozens of beach coves all around the island! It’s the perfect combination of adventure and romance!

If you’re considering eloping, take a cue from these two and keep it simple, romantic, and all about each other. And if you’re looking for a dreamy destination, you can’t go wrong with Catalina Island!

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