May 19, 2022

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Fearless & Dreamy Underwater Wedding Portraits | Hawaii Elopement Photographer

I am scuba certified and went diving in the Maldives. Long story short, I was in India for a photography job, and the Maldives was only a 1.5 hour plane flight from Bangalore, so the timing was right. The main objective was to scuba dive as much as possible, but I knew I wanted to take some underwater wedding photos for my portfolio in hopes of inspiring more couples to want to do this when they book my Catalina Island Elopement Package and Hawaii Elopement Package.

The Challenge of Taking Underwater Wedding Photos

When it comes to underwater photos, it’s not for everybody. There’s a certain level of patience that’s required and a level of comfortability of being in the water and holding your breath that is required. These sessions are meant for couples who truly want to get creative and are willing to put themselves out there to get the shot! When taking underwater photos, it takes many tries to get just one killer photo. It is very different than taking photos on land above water!

Wedding Dress and Attire for Underwater Elopement Photos

 I packed a wedding dress from my client closet. I use this dress a lot and give it to my elopement brides who want to run into the ocean during the beach elopements. At the hotel during breakfast one morning, I spotted Violet who looked outdoorsy enough to get in the water for some creative portraits! I’ve had many different underwater camera setups in the past and have tried out different housing options. I have done various underwater sessions in the past such as engagement sessions, conceptual sessions, lifestyle commercial shoots, and corporate swim company sessions. I’ve gotten really good at holding my breath for a long time underwater! 

Bonus Scuba Diving Photoshoot

This time around, I was excited to try out my new camera that does photos and videos. I used it both for this underwater wedding photoshoot and for scuba diving. As for scuba diving, I saw a 12-foot Tiger shark (no photos of it because it was a little too far in the distance), stingrays, sea turtles, spotted moray eel, and tons of colorful fish, and coral.

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