September 23, 2022

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How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

All you need to know about planning an elopement wedding in Hawaii and its stunning islands.

Want to elope to Hawaii? Amazing! I’m so thrilled for you, you’re going to have such an adventure! As an elopement photographer, I’ve captured countless couples in Hawaii. And I have to say, it’s one of my favorite places to shoot. The beaches, the waterfalls, the mountaintops, the snorkeling you can do – it’s all epic! Which makes it an ideal destination for couples with an explorative spirit, and a keenness to get a bit wild on their big day.

Hawaii is unlike any other state, as it’s actually a collection of islands. There are eight major islands, and the four most visited ones are Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island (Hawaii). These are the destination locations most couples elope to in Hawaii, and they are the places I’m going to cover in this guide. Each island has its unique personality and highlights, however they all are blessed with lush greenery wherever you look, magnificent mountains, and breathtaking beaches.

When planning a destination elopement to a place like Hawaii, couples often find it difficult to envisage and organize things when they’re so far away. There could be locations you’ve never been to, permits you nothing about, or trails you’ve yet to explore. And that’s why I like to make these eloping guides, as they help to get you feeling comfortable with the idea of booking concrete things for your wedding day.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

How to Elope to Hawaii

As I mentioned, Hawaii is broken up into 8 islands, and in this elopement guide, I’m going to focus on the 4 major ones. But to begin with, I’ll share how best to elope to Hawaii. The general things you need to consider, like the best time of year to book, the permits/licenses you’ll need, and how to get there.

When’s the Best Time of Year to Elope in Hawaii?

As you may know, the weather in Hawaii is beautiful. It’s warm all year round, and although it does have a wet season, it doesn’t feel like normal rain. It’s Hawaii rain! Both the weather and the rain are both warm, meaning it actually feels quite refreshing. And makes for some fantastic wedding photography!

The winters in Hawaii run from November through to April, and in my opinion, this is the best time to elope to the islands. The average temperature never really dips below 78 degrees, meaning it’s warm, yet comfortable enough to hike all day without feeling like you’re being beaten by the sun. But, this is also the rainy season, so do keep in mind that dry weather is not guaranteed. However, the good news is, these rain showers are extremely localized, and in actuality much of the wet weather occurs in the mountains, or valleys. But do make sure to bring rain jackets and boots in case you do get caught in a shower.

Winter is the best time to visit Hawaii, and the tourists know this too, so do keep that in mind. December to March is peak season for visitors to the island. Therefore, if possible, you should plan your Hawaii elopement to avoid this period. November is usually the sweet spot, weather-wise, and for avoiding tourists.

In general, I would say for an adventure elopement, avoid summer in Hawaii. The temperature never really goes below 85 degrees and typically, there are lots of vacationers visiting the islands at this time. If you want your wedding to include lots of beach time, then Summer is a good time to visit, as the waves are calm, and weather is always good. Otherwise, stick to eloping to Hawaii during Wintertime.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

How to Travel to Hawaii & its Islands?

The easiest way to get to Hawaii and its islands is by plane. You can fly to Hawaii (The Big Island), Oahu, Maui and Kauai non-stop from many major airports across the US. Oahu is the best connected, with lots of non-stop flights arriving from across the US daily. However, do keep in mind that flight routes can be seasonal, so don’t assume there will always be an air travel option available to you locally, all year round.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Hawaii Island Hopping

Travelling between the various islands in Hawaii is pretty straightforward. A handful of airlines operate dozens of flights to and from each island daily. Meaning, you may arrive in Oahu, but that doesn’t mean it has to be your final destination! Island hopping is such a fun way to experience Hawaii, and something I’d highly recommend if you want to elope there. As you’ll get to see and do a little bit of everything. Because as you’ll discover, each of the islands has its own unique culture, nature, and vibe that can only really be felt by visiting.

It’s also not too expensive to travel between the islands, as the major airlines in Hawaii rarely charge more than $100 for a single trip. But do book early if you want the best deals.

Hawaii Marriage License Information

Obtaining a marriage license and legally marrying in Hawaii is a fairly straightforward process. Even if you’re not a US resident. To begin with, you need to fill out a marriage license application, which can be found here. Then, when you arrive in Hawaii, you’ll both need to meet with a marriage license agent who will issue you with your documents.

The fee for a marriage license in Hawaii is $65.00, which includes a $5 charge for administration costs. This fee can be paid online or in-person when formally submitting your documents to the marriage license agent. A marriage license in Hawaii expires after 30 days from and including the date it was issued, so keep that in mind while you are island hopping!

One of the major advantages, when planning to elope to Hawaii, is that there’s no official requirement for witnesses. Meaning you get to experience pure intimacy, and escapism on your little elopement adventure! Especially since, if you choose me as your elopement photographer, I’ll be able to formally marry you too! That’s right, I’m legally ordained! No need to drag a poor officiant up a mountain, or out onto a deserted beach at 4am – because I can make it official for you.

You do of course also have the option of legally marrying at home, or in a courthouse in Hawaii before your elopement. If you wish to remove any concerns about paperwork etc from your big day. Because hey, the date on your marriage license doesn’t determine the date of your anniversary. That is up to you.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Hawaii Wedding Permit Information

Like most places in the US, you’ll need a permit to hold a public elopement ceremony in Hawaii, if not in a recognized venue. Normally, your officiant, or wedding photographer like myself will look after this for you. As they’ll need to get permission for their respective services. However, it’s good for you to know exactly what is required before making your trip, so you can triple-check that your vendors have everything in order. The type of permit you’ll need to acquire will depend on where you’re tying the knot because each county, city, and state has their own rules. As well as a different regulatory body.

If you want to have a beach elopement wedding in Hawaii, you’ll need to obtain a Wiki Permit. Upon approval, this document allows you to elope to most beaches in Hawaii, and unencumbered shorelines. However, there are a few beaches in the State that are managed by other government agencies, such as the counties. In those cases, you’ll have to seek authorization for the use of those beaches via the appropriate government agency. To view the beach locations available to apply for via Wiki, have a look at this list.

State parks in Hawaii require a different type of permit for elopement ceremonies. However, the process is still quite straightforward, and can be done via email. For all the information on these special use permits, take a look at this link.

It’s important to do your own research before you travel, and decide where you want your ceremony to be (roughly) before you arrive in Hawaii. There are some spots on the islands that just do not allow ceremonies at all, and those locations can change from one month to the next. Therefore, be sure to go through things thoroughly with your elopement photographer, and check the places that are still open and accessible to you.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Choosing an Elopement Photographer for Your Hawaii Adventure

Ask any married couple who the most important vendor was at their wedding, and they’ll say the photographer. They capture your memories, preserving them for all time. Without one, all those little details you put so much thought into would be lost, and those precious moments forgotten. When it comes to an elopement, this is especially true! Because it’s just you guys and your photographer (if they’re ordained)! Which means the person capturing your nuptials plays a critical, and deeply emotional part in your big day. So, more than any other type of wedding, you need to make sure you have the right one, and crucially, you like them.

A good elopement photographer will help you plan, tailor your day and keep you calm when you need it most. Not only that, but they should help you with localized recommendations, permits, and officiant services. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a wedding photographer with excellent knowledge of the area. Hawaii in particular is a hugely unique and spectacular part of the world, with aspects that differ greatly from the US mainland. So, a photographer shooting an elopement in Hawaii for the first time may well struggle with much of the logistics, while also being unaware of the best spots to be in.

Do your research early, and consider experience and personality over cost whenever you can.

Where to Elope to in Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii (The Big Island)

In this elope to Hawaii guide, I’ll be deep diving into the four main islands – Hawaii (The Big Island), Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. Tackling each one at a time. Because there’s just too much incredible stuff to cover in one section!

To help you in your elopement planning, we’ll be looking at fun things to do during your adventure. A few suggestions on where to stay on each of the islands, and I’ll be sharing some amazing places to actually hold your elopement ceremony.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

How to Elope to Hawaii (The Big Island)

Choosing to elope to Hawaii (i.e The Big Island), means you’re opening yourself up to the biggest adventure! This is the largest of all the islands, and there’s so much to do there. It’s the perfect place for a road trip, as some of the most beautiful parts of the island are quite spread out. But do keep in mind that there are only a few highways, so it can take longer than you’d expect to get from one location to the next.

Things to Do During Your Hawaii Elopement

When flying into Kona airport on the big island, it’s common for couples to feel a little deflated when they look out of the plane window. The airport is surrounded by many miles of black volcanic rock, which makes the whole area just look like a big black desert… But you must remember that the best is yet to come! Remote beaches, crystal clear waters, deep forests and so many different adventures to be had.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.


You can’t go wrong with a bit of snorkeling when you elope to Hawaii, whichever island you choose. However, The Big Island, in my opinion, offers the best experience out of the major islands. In the past, my couples have seen stingray’s, and huge manta rays during their time there. The water is almost translucent, calm and so warm. Ideal for a relaxing day snorkeling!

Swim with Dolphins

Not many couples can say they swam with dolphins on their wedding day! But when eloping to Hawaii, that’s totally possible! These beautiful creatures are common in the area, around the shores of Kona and would certainly put the icing on the cake of any snorkeling adventure.

Knowing where the dolphins will be at a certain time does, however, involve experience, so it’s usually best to book a guided trip if you want a semi-guarantee of seeing them.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Cycle (or hike) to an Active Lava Flow

When heading to the east side of the island, you’ll find roughly 6 miles of gravel trail that’ll lead you to some pretty incredible views of active lava flowing right into the ocean. It’s seen to be believed type of stuff, and a must for any adventure or nature lover. It is possible to walk this trail, but it’s long, and during the day, pretty hot too. So I’d strongly advise you to rent a bike, save some time and see as much as possible while you’re on your Hawaii elopement.

Do keep in mind that we are talking about active volcanoes here. Which means things do change out of nowhere. Be up-to-date before you make the trip, and use this volcano updates page to get all the latest info.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Where to Stay on The Big Island

Hawaii (The Big Island) offers so many wonderful places to stay while you elope. In fact, there’s too many to list! But here’s two Airbnb options I think you should check out.

A Luxury Treehouse

This treehouse was voted the number 1 place in Hawaii on Airbnb, and it’s not hard to see why! This magical place is so ideal for an elopement adventure, and will certainly need to be captured in your photography! Surrounded by 3 acres of lush forest, and 1,800 ft up, you’re not going to get better morning views than up there. Plus, there’s an infrared sauna, outdoor shower, and hot tub! Ideal for relaxing in, after a day of hiking.

Ocean View Cottage on a Coffee Farm

If you choose to stay in Kona, it helps if you’re a coffee lover. Because its coffee is out of this world! And this rental is situated on an actual coffee farm, surrounded by vibrant coffee plants. The inside of this cottage is super cute, and has everything you’ll need during your stay. But it’s the outside where I’m sure you’ll spend most of the time. Sitting back, looking out over the ocean.

Where to Elope to in Hawaii (The Big Island)

Waipi’o Valley

When you elope to Hawaii, you offer yourselves up to so many diverse places to tie the knot, and Waipi’o Valley is proof of that. Located on the north shore of the island, this deep valley is full of otherworldly black beaches and wild waterfalls. The hike from the valley lookout down to the beach below is roughly one mile, and it’s quite steep. But when you reach that volcanic sand, and look up at the cliffs – it’s so worth it! A picture-perfect place for your elopement ceremony.

Pu‘uwa‘awa‘a Cone Trail

A short drive from Kailua-kona you’ll find this wonderfully unique trail that features the largest cinder cone on the island. Here the greenery is lush, vibrant and often creates this magical lime green tones. When you reach the top of the hill, you’ll be treated to unobstructed views of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualalai, and the Kona Coast. Breathtaking views…! But this is an 8-mile round trip, so do take plenty of water with you on your hike.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

This national park offers endless views of active lava flow, along with plenty of places to explore and elope in. This is the ideal place if you want elopement photography that feels truly unique, as this landscape offers the kind of backdrop you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

If you intend to go up there in the evening, to see the lava glowing. Be sure to take some warm layers as it can get pretty chilly the higher you climb.

Makaiwa Beach

This beach on the Kohala Golden Coast will take your breath away. The area usually experiences perfect sunny weather all the time, with only 9 inches of rainfall per year. The beach is beyond perfect for a sunset ceremony, and the sea there is almost begging you to run into it with your wedding dress on!

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

How to Elope to Oahu

Oahu offers its eloping couples a little bit of everything. Beautiful beaches, rocky cliffs and sandbars can all be experienced during your adventure there. And, if you and your partner love food, culture, and nightlife – Oahu has that too! See, the perfect elopement spot in Hawaii for everyone.

However, keep in mind that Oahu is the most densely populated island in Hawaii, with over 1 million people living there. Plus, it is also hugely popular with tourists. This means planning ahead, getting up early and choosing destinations away from the crowds if you want peace and tranquility during your elopement adventure.

Things to Do in Oahu

Visit Cockroach Cove

It’s better than it sounds, and certainly worth a visit while eloping in Oahu. The swimming there is amazing, and if you’ve got some snorkeling equipment, there’s every chance you’ll see some incredible marine life. There are also lava tubes, tide pools and some breathtaking lookout points.

Go to the North Shore

If you’re dying to try the Hawaiian specialty of ‘Shave Ice’, the North Shore is the place to visit. Quench your thirst and cool down with one of those icy treats, while you check out the surfers at Banzai Pipeline and search for lounging sea turtles. This pretty part of Oahu has a real laid-back vibe that epitomizes the true aloha spirit and is sure to give your elopement a paradise feel.

Rent a Car and Explore

As I mentioned, Oahu receives countless tourists every year. However, the bulk of visitors typically stay in Waikiki, or Pearl Harbor and never venture further than those destinations. But this gorgeous island offers so much more than just these two places. There’s an entire coast to explore, with so many beautiful places to stop, eat and admire the views along the way.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Where to Stay in Oahu

Waikiki Studio with Spectacular Views

This stunning studio gifts unobstructed views of Diamond Head, Kapiolani Park, Waikiki Beach and the ocean beyond via a glass wall and large balcony. It’s also minutes away from Honolulu Zoo, meaning you’ll wake up to the sound of the howler monkeys and the roar of the lions. This little bolthole will offer all you need during your stay, while also being close enough to plenty of great spots to grab a bite to eat or jump on public transport.

City Apartment with Ocean Views

If you want your crash pad to have more city vibes, then this cozy apartment in Honolulu would be perfect. It’s located just a few minutes walk from the beach and has inside everything you’ll need for a romantic getaway. Plus, those ocean views can be enjoyed anytime of day via the apartments’ private balcony. The perfect spot for relaxing in with a glass of wine as the sun goes down.

Where to Elope to in Oahu

Ka’ena Point State Park

Ka’ena Point is a stunningly remote, wild and breathtaking stretch of coastline that’s ideal for couples who love to hike together. The wide open views there are beyond compare, and certainly worthy of a ceremony backdrop. This spot is perfect for adventurous couples, but that doesn’t mean you need to be an actual athlete to traverse it, as there are plenty of accessible points along the way you can join it from. Prepare to take it all in during your time there, from green rolling mountains to rock filled beaches and craggy coves.

Crouching Lion

This hike is probably one of the most intense on the island, and will call for your extra adventurous side. But if you’re ok with hauling yourself up hills via ropes, and grabbing hold of tree branches, then this place will deliver some pretty epic views. Kahana Bay in particular looks stunning from up there, leading into the lush, tropical valley. Ceremony-wise you have the choice of tying the knot when you reach the top, or saying ‘I do’ on Kahana Bay beach below. Either is unbelievably beautiful, which makes this a wonderfully flexible location to elope to in Hawaii.

Yokohama Beach Park

If you really crave privacy when you elope to Hawaii, then Yokohama Beach Park in Oahu will certainly deliver. This destination is perfect for an intimate elopement ceremony, as despite its undeniable natural beauty, it’s not often visited by tourists. Many of whom rarely even travel to this west side of the island.

Lanai Lookout

Upon arriving at Lanai Lookout, couples often think they’ve landed on another planet! Located on the very tip of Oahu, this magical place delivers swirled lava rock formations that’ll take your breath away, and puddles of salt water that gleam in the sunlight. It’s not far from Waikiki and moments from Hanauma Bay, and certainly worth a visit – especially at sunrise. At that time, this place feels almost spiritual, and insanely beautiful as you watch the sun start to peek over the ocean.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

How to Elope to Maui

Maui is the second-largest island in Hawaii, and it is a super popular place to elope to. With couples flocking every year in search of their perfect, unique spot on the crystal clear beaches. Or desperate to explore the many valleys and trails this special island possesses.

Of all the islands, Maui is the one most famous for its beaches, with over 30 miles of sandy shore on offer. Meaning many of the best elopement locations on this fabulous Hawaii island are on the beach. But don’t worry, I’ve got a couple of stunning spots to elope to, away from the sand, that are just magnificent.

Things to do in Maui

Whale watching

Mention Maui to any real nature lover and the first thing they’ll bring up are the humpback whales. These beautiful creatures can be seen from late January into the beginning of March, and they are best viewed on an organized boat tour. A must-do if you’re visiting at that time.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Take a Trip to Paia

If you’re looking for a slice of chill during your Hawaii elopement, be sure to visit Paia. A fun little hippie surfing town with lots of little shops to browse, good food to eat and eccentricity to discover! Plus, the waves over there have been known to reach 60 feet, so it’s a great spot to stop and watch the surfers hone their skills.

Go to the Beach

Maui is all about the beach. Its pristine sand, turquoise waters and blue skies need to be indulged in while you’re there because it’s doubtful you’ll see much better elsewhere. However, choose your beach wisely, as each one offers something different. Hamao Beach for example, has to be one of the best for wave watching, swimming and snorkeling. While the Kihei Beaches are much calmer, and provide more relaxing vibes. The waves lap rather more gently there, and it’s always the sunniest spot on the island.

Where to Stay in Maui

A Garden Gingerbread House

(Almost) Literally follow in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix, and stay awhile in this romantic Maui hideaway. Like something out of a fairy tale, this ‘gingerbread’ cottage is less than 10 minutes from the beach and sits within a private, gated area. You’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time when vacationing here, but in the very best way. Plus, it will look so cute in your portraits.

Luxury Cottage

Located in a tropical garden in sunny Kihei, this stunning cottage offers the perfect place for romantic nights in. And wild days out! It’s only 10 minutes from the beach and all the restaurants, boutiques, and bars you could need. But when you’re not lounging in the sand, this place makes the perfect retreat, with its private saltwater hot tub and cute BBQ area.

Where to Elope to in Maui

Kapalua Beach

This beautiful beach is the very definition of what Maui beaches feel like. A wonderfully calm oasis with tranquil water, gorgeous views and golden sand. It’s a dreamy location for an elopement ceremony, and one of those places in Hawaii that just doesn’t seem real. And after your nuptials, and portraits, you’ll have the opportunity to go snorkeling off Kapalua Beach. The area is protected by two huge reefs that extend out from both sides, keeping the water still, and providing an amazing place to explore.

Word to the wise, you need to get up early if you want this place to yourself, as it’s a pretty popular place for weddings and all different types of tourist activities.

Haleakala National Park

Another place that is totally worth getting up early for, is Haleakala National Park. In fact, the sunrise there is out of this world. So peaceful, with breathtaking views for miles around. This hike is an ideal option for those who want something different from your classic beach elopement.

If you do want to elope to Haleakala, as with any other park in Hawaii, you will need a special use permit. The park also recommends (asks) that ceremonies are kept intimate, with groups of 25+ simply not allowed. Also, anytime outside of sunrise, you will need to reserve a ticket to enter. But please consider it because a wedding there is so worth it!

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Waihee Coastal Dunes

This is also a good choice for those not content with your typical beach wedding. An elopement in the Waihee Coastal Dunes will be unlike any other, and will offer the adventurous couple the perfect opportunity to explore the wilderness. There are spectacular trails dotted throughout the region that’ll lead you to some great archaeological and cultural areas. All of which are protected by the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, so please be respectful during your visit.

If you still want to visit the beach during your elopement to the dunes, it’s easy enough, as the chilled out golden sands of Waihee are just along the coast.

Napili Bay

Resort beaches can get crowded in the west of Maui, which sometimes makes it hard to find that privacy you crave on your big day. Which is why I suggest Napili Bay, a stunning, low-key beach that offers a little more seclusion than your average sandy shore. This is mainly due to the difficulty in parking close to the sea, which often puts the typical beach-goer off. But for an elopement, it is ideal. There are countless pretty backdrops on the sand, as well as in the many rock pools and stony outposts that jut into the sea – excellent if you want something a little more dramatic for your vows.

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

How to Elope to Kauai

Searching for greenery on your Hawaii elopement? Up for some pretty epic hikes? Kauai could be the dream wedding destination for you. It’s hands down the greenest of the Hawaiian islands and full of soaring mountain ranges and deep forests. Which, when paired with the stunning beaches and clifftop views on the rest of the island, makes it a pretty perfect place to elope to in Hawaii.

Things to do in Kauai

Take a Snorkeling Boat Tour

During your elopement to Kauai, there’s one thing you should definitely do, and that’s a boat tour. It’s hard to describe just how beautiful, and dreamy, the tropical nature of the Na Pali Coast is. It’s a real life fantasy. Above water too is just so dreamlike, with picture-perfect cliffs reaching up into the clouds, and vibrant green mountains vibing with the bright blue of the sea.

Make a day of it, embrace the waves on a yacht or catamaran and hopefully, you’ll see a dolphin or a turtle or two!

Talitha-and-Ted-54 How to Elope to Hawaii | Your Complete Elopement Guide to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Not a fan of the ocean, but have a head for heights? Why not take a tour of Na Pali Coast, and much more via a helicopter tour. You’ll get to truly embrace the sheer scenic green beauty of Kauai from above, and see hidden parts of the island few rarely get to experience.

Take a Hike

Kauai is blessed with some of the most scenic hikes in Hawaii. Whatever your ability, you’ll find a trail that suits you perfectly there. Like Awa’awapuhi Trail for example, which is 6 miles long, not too difficult to hike, and snakes its way through the Napali Kona Forest Reserve. Or if you prefer something a little easier, flatter? There’s the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail from Shipwrck Beach to Punahoa Point on the South Shore near Poipu. With just over 300 feet of elevation, and at under 3 miles long, this route offers an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Where to Stay in Kauai

Romantic Garden Cottage

This cozy cottage is just so romantic, a garden paradise… It gifts its guests incredible views of the surrounding mountains while offering a privileged vista of this oasis of greenery all around. There are stunning beaches a short drive away, but if you don’t feel like venturing out, you can enjoy your own private pool or relax in the hot tub. The cottage even includes a 200-foot private stream for those who prefer a refreshing dip somewhere natural.

Oceanfront Haena Cottage

Wake up on the day of your elopement in Hawaii to the sounds of the ocean, then open your eyes and see those vast blue waves disappearing into the distance. No, you haven’t fallen asleep on the beach again. You’ve woken up in one of the most delightful holiday cottages in Kauai, with panoramic views of the Pacific from every room. This secluded paradise is a couple of steps from the beach, and offers the ideal place to spot humpback whales and maybe even catch sight of some sea turtles too. The inside is tastefully decorated, centering every moment within the house around enjoying the views of the outside. Like the roll top bath that looks right out to the ocean via huge glass windows.

Where to Elope to in Kauai

Na Pali Coast

I may have already mentioned the Na Pali Coast, but it is certainly worth repeating, as this stunning stretch of coastline offers the dreamiest of places to tie the knot. The bright, turquoise caverns and epic, towering, green mountains that rise along the coast create some of the most awe-inspiring surroundings to be found in Hawaii. And when it comes to your elopement, the options are endless. You could exchange vows on a boat excursion sailing along the coast and caverns, or elope along the trailhead, or make an adventure of trekking into the trail to find a unique and private ceremony site. Na Pali Coast has almost everything an eloping couple could want.

Just one thing though, it does rain a bit, so be prepared.

Hanalei Bay

One of the beauties of eloping to Kauai is that you get the greenest of greens and the bluest of blues, all in one place. And this is no truer than in Hanalei Bay, a beach oasis with towering green mountains all around. It is an incredible spot for beach vows, with plenty of positions on the sand with incredible backdrop views of the mountains, and the pier. Which also makes for a lovely, private place for vows.

Kokee State Park

Tucked away in the northwestern shores of the island, this beach on Kokee State Park is blessed with a beautiful mountain backdrop full of active bird life, and a lush jungle world. But if you want some serious vistas, you have to take the trail, and view the area from the top. 4,000 feet above sea level. Up there you’ll experience unbelievable views down onto the sand below, and of the rugged coastline and cliffs. It’s a fabulous area to explore, and a real bucket list destination.

Waimea Canyon

This unique elopement spot in Hawaii is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. At over 3,000 feet deep, and 10 miles long, Waimea Canyon is a must stop whether you decide to elope there or not. With ultra-dramatic views and unreal reddish colored rocks, this island adventure land is undeniably epic and cannot fail to offer an astonishing elopement backdrop.

It’s important to mention, however, you cannot hold your ceremony in Waimea Canyon. It’s not allowed. But portraits are obviously not a problem as long as you have the correct permit for photography. So maybe you could team up this destination with somewhere else nearby which you can marry at, such as Barking Sands or Pakala Village.

I hope this guide to eloping in Hawaii has inspired your wedding plans, or maybe even given you the info you need to start actually browsing some photography packages. It would be an honor to join you on your adventure elopement, and be the California photographer who actually captures your big day.

If you would like to take a look at some of my past elopements, please browse my blog.

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 The Ultimate Planning Elopement Guide & Checklist

Feeling inspired and want to know how to plan your elopement? I've created a helpful guide and checklist to plan the elopement of your dreams in 5 easy steps.  

Elopement Guide

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From hiking up mountains to running into the ocean, I’m ready to capture your big day just as you imagine it. Let me help you create an experience free of stress and full of what matters most to you. 

I’m your California wedding and elopement photographer turned adventure buddy.

Hi there, I’m Jenn!