March 26, 2019

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Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

Some people search the whole world to find their one.  Shanthini and Alex found each other next door.  They have a history that goes back to their childhood, having lived a few doors down from each other.  Shanthini and Alex are love birds, and one thing that stood out was how they danced together during the reception.  No matter the song, whether it was pop, country, or Sri Lankan music, they danced together, leading the party with their friends and relatives.  That’s a huge testament to how much they enjoy each other’s company.  Likewise, people feel so comfortable around them, supporting Shanthini and Alex with positive energy.

The sense of safety, security, and acceptance surrounding their close family ties was palpable. Both sides of their families socialized like they knew each other for years.  Shanthini has a level of kindness and even-keel temper that is inspiring.  Combined with her gentle personality everyone feels comfortable around her.  Alex matches her spirit and has an open minded curiosity.  He’s willing to put himself out there.  Shanthini’s parents and family are from Sri Lanka descent and brought their culture to the wedding.  From wearing traditional outfits at the Groom’s dinner to dancing at the reception, Alex was not only participating with enthusiasm but made everyone else feel comfortable, including his family’s side from Minnesota.  Shanthini and Alex have great harmony, and you can see the same harmony in their parents, too!

It was such a pleasure to capture a fabulous weekend with you in Costa Rica!

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