August 16, 2022

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Breathtaking Maternity Beach Photoshoot with Family in Malibu, CA

Malibu beaches are known to be the most beautiful beaches in the Los Angeles County area and I couldn’t agree more! I love when my clients tell me they want to have their sessions on the beach as there is more than one beach here in Malibu that is ideal for a maternity beach photoshoot! What’s more perfect than a stunning sunset on the beach to commemorate a Mom experiencing one of the most beautiful things in this world, motherhood?

Yuval reached out to me already knowing that she wanted her maternity photoshoot on the beach. She had her vision already set in mind, she wanted to take some portraits in the ocean as well as some silhouette shots during sunset as she saw these types of photos from a previous shoot of mine! I’ll usually take photos on the coastal cliffsides as well but Yuval wanted to stay on the beach near the waves. 

This maternity session was a special one as it wasn’t just Yuval, she wanted to have her maternity beach photoshoot to be with her husband and two daughters as this was going to be her last pregnancy. She actually was never able to do a maternity photoshoot for her first two pregnancies so she wanted to make sure to capture this significant moment in her and her family’s lives. 

Maternity Beach Photoshoot Portaits

We started the maternity photoshoot right on the edge of the water capturing Yuval and her beautiful babies sinking their little toes in the sand. It was such a precious moment as you could feel and see the joy in Yuval and her kid’s faces while walking along the wet sand, and feeling the ocean breeze on their skin. 

One thing to keep in mind when having a maternity beach photoshoot is that there will most likely be wind or a slight breeze. We took Yuvals maternity photoshoot in August and even though it was the middle of the summer it was still a bit windy. This means that it can be more than 15 degrees cooler than usual. So I always recommend bringing a jacket especially if you are planning on taking photos after the sun goes down.

Maternity Couple Portriats

After capturing Yuval and her babies walking down the beach shoreline we took some couple portraits with her and her husband. I loved the way both Yuval and her husband dressed as they matched the beach vibes perfectly. Yuval brought multiple outfits to change into throughout the session as well as her husband. Her white pants and white bra matched the beach aesthetic and showed off her big beautiful belly as well as her tan maxi dress. 

When choosing outfits for the beach, it’s better to choose more tight-fitting clothes especially when it’s a windy day. If you choose loose-fitting clothes, the wind will blow them around and make you look larger than you are, which is not ideal.

One of my favorite things about Yuval was that she would do anything for “the shot” although it was a tad chilly it didn’t seem to bother her one bit. She stayed committed to the photos and continued to walk and splash around in the ocean. She was a complete badass, she didn’t shiver once! She got in the ocean as if it was bathwater, it was truly amazing. 

Capturing Yuval’s maternity session was such a joy. There wasn’t a minute that went by that you couldn’t feel her motherly love, she enjoyed every single second of the day, and I’m so pleased I was able to capture that for her and her family. 

Not sure if the beach is the right location for your maternity shoot? Check out Michelle and Chris’s dreamy maternity shoot and Jeannie and Tung’s Malibu maternity shoot for more inspiration!

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