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Carmel Beach Elopement // Amy & John

Amy and John’s Carmel Beach elopement fit their personalities to a “T.” In the heart of the picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea, Amy and John embarked on a remarkable journey, weaving together their coastal roots with the breathtaking charm of Carmel Beach. Despite now calling Florida home, their love for the coast remained steadfast, leading them to choose the stunning shores of Carmel for their intimate elopement.

Folktail Vineyard and Winery Wedding Pictures

Their love story began in coastal towns, where the salty sea breeze and endless horizon painted their childhood memories. So, it was only fitting that they returned to the ocean’s embrace to exchange their vows. The day started with a touch of elegance as they indulged in a glass of wine at Folktail Winery, savoring the anticipation of the magical moments that awaited them.

Elope-in-Carmel_0003 Carmel Beach Elopement // Amy & John

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

Adding a unique touch to their Carmel Beach elopement, Amy chose to wear a non-traditional sage green dress that perfectly complemented the natural beauty of their surroundings. The soft, ethereal fabric flowed with the gentle ocean breeze, mirroring the hues of the coastal landscape. Embodied in her choice of attire was a sense of individuality and authenticity. Her dress symbolized her free-spirited nature and her desire to embrace the unconventional. Against the backdrop of the golden sands and azure waters, Amy’s sage green dress radiated a sense of timeless elegance. It affirmed that love knows no boundaries and beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.

Elope-in-Carmel_0003 Carmel Beach Elopement // Amy & John

Carmel Beach Elopement Ceremony

The sun hung high in the sky, casting a warm glow over the golden sands of Carmel Beach. Amy and John stood hand in hand, ready to declare their love. With the gentle rhythm of the waves as their witness, they exchanged heartfelt vows.

Elope-in-Carmel_0003 Carmel Beach Elopement // Amy & John

Bride and Groom Elopement Pictures on the Cliffside

After sealing their union with a kiss, they ventured to the dramatic cliffsides as the sun began its descent. The sky was painted in hues of yellow and orange. Against this breathtaking backdrop, they explored the rugged beauty of the coastline, capturing precious moments of love and laughter against the backdrop of the setting sun.

The warmth of the day mirrored the warmth of their love. They basked in the glow of the golden hour, cherishing each other’s presence amidst the stunning scenery. As the day drew to a close, Amy and John’s Carmel Beach elopement became a celebration of love, adventure, and the enduring beauty of coastal landscapes.

Their journey from coastal towns to the sunny shores of Florida had come full circle at Carmel Beach. They found solace, joy, and an everlasting bond. In the quiet moments shared under the vast expanse of the sky, they knew that their love was as timeless and enduring as the ocean itself.

Elope-in-Carmel_0003 Carmel Beach Elopement // Amy & John

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