June 22, 2023

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Cliffside Elopement in Big Sur // Emma & Chase

Emma and Chase’s elopement on the rugged cliffside in Big Sur was nothing short of a breathtaking adventure filled with love, stunning scenery, and their furry companion, Quiggly! This intimate celebration showcased the beauty of nature and the power of true love.

Big Sur’s dramatic cliffs and awe-inspiring coastline provided the perfect backdrop for Emma and Chase’s elopement. From the moment we had our discovery call, Emma and Chase stuck with their vision of “We want to elope in Big Sur with our dog and just be married.” They sought a location that mirrored their sense of adventure and appreciation for nature’s grandeur. And Big Sur delivered in every way. With crashing waves below and the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean stretching out before them, they exchanged vows in a ceremony that was both intimate and epic.

Emma-and-Chase-110-1 Cliffside Elopement in Big Sur // Emma & Chase

Writing Personal Vows

Chase read his vows first, and almost immediately he became more emotional than he realized he would be! I love capturing those moments! One thing I really love about elopements is that it gives the couple the most privacy possible when it comes to writing their personal vows! I encourage all couples to write from the heart! Since I’m ordained, I pronounced them married, and that means that couples don’t have to hire anyone to formally officiate their ceremony.

Emma-and-Chase-110-1 Cliffside Elopement in Big Sur // Emma & Chase

Eloping with Their Dog

But what made this elopement even more special was the presence of their beloved pup, Quiggly! He ran around the ceremony living his best life! As part of their family, they couldn’t imagine their special day without him by their side. Quiggly, with his wagging tail and infectious enthusiasm, added an extra layer of joy and love to the celebration.

Emma-and-Chase-110-1 Cliffside Elopement in Big Sur // Emma & Chase

Emma and Chase embraced the ruggedness of the cliffside location. The wind gently tousled her hair and the salty ocean breeze filled the air. Their love shone brightly against the backdrop of the rugged coastline, as they shared heartfelt vows and promises of forever.

Elopement Ceremony in Big Sur

The simplicity and intimacy of their elopement allowed them to focus on what truly mattered – their love and commitment to one another. With no distractions or external pressures, they could fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the moment and create memories that would last a lifetime.

As their elopement photographer, I captured the essence of their love amidst the stunning scenery. I loved photographing the raw emotions and connection between Emma, Chase, and Quiggly. From playful moments of laughter to heartfelt embraces against the dramatic cliffs, each image told their unique love story.

Emma-and-Chase-110-1 Cliffside Elopement in Big Sur // Emma & Chase

Emma and Chase’s elopement on the rugged cliffside in Big Sur serves as a reminder that love knows no bounds. With nature as their witness and their loyal pup as their witness-bearer, they embarked on a new chapter of their lives together, filled with adventure, companionship, and unwavering love.

If you’re considering an elopement that embraces the wild beauty of nature, let Emma and Chase’s story inspire you. Big Sur offers a world of possibilities for those seeking an unforgettable and breathtaking wedding experience. With the right photographer and an open heart, your elopement can be a true reflection of your love, just like Emma and Chase’s cliffside celebration with their beloved Quiggly.

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