March 16, 2021

Malibu, Malibu Wedding, MIcro Wedding

Small Malibu Wedding With A Beach Ceremony & Horses

Winnie and Daisy were looking for a Malibu wedding photographer and reached out to me for their Malibu Wedding. They were also in the middle of trying to decide between a Malibu beach wedding venue or a Malibu Ranch Wedding Venue. Ultimately, they ended up with a beautiful blend of both.

When having your wedding in Malibu, you can go in any direction in taste and preference. Malibu has a prestige that’s timeless, alluring, sophisticated, rustic, scenic, and magical sunsets all wrapped into one. Any type of taste is welcome: beachy, vintage, rustic, sophisticated, retro, classic. The reason for this is because these Malibu hills have multi-million dollar estates that look like spaceships to other estates that look like a postcard from Italy. There is everything here from rustic barns with horses, to vineyards to seaside shacks off HYW 1. It’s a beach town with ranches and eccentric celebrities nestled away in its hills. The energy is incredibly vibrant.

Winnie and Daisy had their small beach ceremony at Point Dume. You will have to get a permit to have a wedding ceremony. You can find out how to obtain your beach wedding permit here. Remember that when you have your wedding on the beach, that only allows you to be there. That doesn’t mean you will have the beach all to yourselves during your gathering. In this case, I had to photoshop out some people sitting on the beach and also some rock climbers. This beach is huge though, so plenty of room for everyone.

Afterward, they arranged for horse rides to bring the guests up the hill to the reception. I thought this was such a great idea. It gave the guests something fun and a little bit unexpected to do. And not to mention, horses are classically Malibu. Winnie and Daisy were also very excited about the horses and to take pictures with them.

Their reception was casual and comfortable with their choice of a taco bar, scenic with all the Malibu vista views, small and intimate with only their immediate supportive family and friends. And quite eventful with jumping in the pool at the end! I’m so happy for Winnie and Daisy. They did their wedding their way. They only included things they wanted to include and cut out the things that didn’t serve them. I think they did such a wonderful job with making their wedding creative and not losing sight of enjoying the day and not letting stress get in the way.

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