March 19, 2021

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Malibu Portrait Session With Stunning Colorful Sunset

Scarlett and Jario were looking for a Malibu wedding photographer for their beach wedding photoshoot. They had a small wedding in Utah, where they live. During their honeymoon in Los Angeles, they wanted to have beach wedding photoshoot during sunset. Since I am a local and have lots of experience with sunset beach photography, it was a perfect fit! I always know when the best time of day will be for the session based on the cloud cover and tide. In this case, the tide wasn’t a factor, but for certain beaches, it does.

Scarlett wanted to keep things simple and forego a bouquet and go barefoot! After lots of experience doing beach photos, it’s best to want simplicity and appreciate the beach for what it is.

10 Tips for a Beach Wedding Photoshoot:

  1. Stick to a hairstyle that is loose.

  2. Account for potential humidity affecting the hair texture.

  3. Choose a hairstyle that will look good in the wind. Example wavey curls, french braid, or simple straight hair. If you want your hair to look more “neat”, make sure to use plenty of hairspray to lock it in.

  4. Choose a dress that you don’t mind getting sandy/wet/dirty at the bottom. There are lots of great beach and destination dresses at BHLDN

  5. Long and simple cathedral veils look amazing during sunset.

  6. An alternative to a veil is a simple tulle wedding cape.

  7. Wear waterproof eye makeup. If you have watery eyes, you might tear up a bit due to the wind, especially as you get close to the water’s edge.

  8. Make sure the wedding attire is consistent between both people. If the bride has a simple wedding dress and barefoot, make sure the groom also has a simplified look as well, such as suspenders as opposed to a formal suit jacket.

  9. If the bride wants to go barefoot, the groom should too. If one is wearing shoes, the other one should be wearing shoes as well.

  10. If the bride has a bouquet, the groom should have a boutonniere. If the bride does not have a bouquet, the groom should forego wearing the boutonniere.

Doing wedding photos at the beach can be so rewarding. Every sunset is different and if there are some clouds in the sky, it can make for a very colorful backdrop toward sunset! I had so much fun photographing Scarlett and Jario during their beach wedding photoshoot!

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