January 4, 2023

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How to have the Ultimate Sequoia National Park Elopement

If it were me I’d elope in Sequoia national park over and over again! I LOVE when a client of mine has a Sequoia National Park elopement! Just imagine being surrounded by towering redwood groves, canyons carved by rivers and glaciers while marrying your best friend, it’s truly unforgettable! If you’re anything like me and love the great outdoors then Sequoia National Park may be the elopement location for you!

If you’re thinking about having a Sequoia National Park Elopement then make sure to read this guide thoroughly as I’m hoping it’ll help you plan the forest elopement of your dreams! 

Sequoia National Park Elopement Locations 

As Sequoia National Park is a National Park it does have its own requirements and pre-approved locations you’re allowed to elope and have ceremonies. BUT that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to roam around and take pictures around the park and explore the dreamy location that Sequoia National Park is!  

Here are just a few of my favorite locations to elope in Sequoia National Park;

The Parker Group

The Parker group is a stunning ceremony site! It’s a grove of Sequoias that sits in a circular arrangement, making a perfect grove of magnificent trees. The light is often perfect for a ceremony any time of day, as the trees canopy can make a good shelter from the mid-day sun. The best ceremony timing here is usually 3-4 hours before sunset. From autumn to late spring, the road to The Parker Group is often closed, and can sometimes be covered in snow. I love this time of year because the only people here will be folks who have chosen to hike the casual mile-long trek.

Panoramic Point Overlook

Panoramic Point is a stunning location overlooking hundreds of miles of Kings Canyon National Park as well as the neighboring national forests. My favorite part about this elopement location is that it’s a very short hike, only 0.5 miles to see a breathtaking view and it allows up to 15 people for an elopement! 

Halstead Meadow 

Halstead Meadow is another one of my favorites due to the fact that it’s not a very well known area which is perfect for couples who are looking to have the “Just us” experience. After eloping in this beautiful meadow surrounded by lush green grass and wildflowers you can sit down and relax while having a picnic with your loved ones. 

Beetle Rock

Beetle Rock is one of many popular elopement locations in Sequoia National Park. It offers an incredible view of the edge of San Joaquin valley and has a remarkable sunset! One thing to keep in mind while eloping at Beetle Rock is that there are no paths or stairs onto the rock so be very careful when climbing on up especially if you are eloping in the winter time it can be very icy. 

Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock is very similar to Beetle Rock with an incredible outlook and it’s a very scenic one-mile hike through the sequoias. It’s another perfect spot for a sunset elopement with its openness and space for 25 people or less! 

Crescent Meadow 

Crescent Meadow is another dreamy location for a Sequoia National Park elopement, especially if you decide to have a sunrise elopement! The bright green grass with the red bark of the towering sequoias is striking when the early morning sun hits the meadow. It’s the perfect backdrop for an elopement ceremony and is very quiet and peaceful.

Visit this helpful map for a couple other park recommended areas that may accomodate larger ceremony groups:

Wedding Permits & Requirements 

Due to the impacts of the KNP Complex Fire in 2021 the requirements for having a Sequoia National Park elopement have changed a bit. In order to have a Sequoia National Park elopement you’ll need something called a “special use permit”. To acquire this special permit you’ll need to fill out an application on the park’s website. On the park’s website, you’ll also find that it’s required to pay a $150 non-refundable permit fee, which can easily be paid online! 

Keep in mind that permits must be submitted no more than 365 days prior to your elopement date to be considered and no later than 90 days before your elopement date! 

Complete the application below, include proof of the $50 application fee and e-mail, fax (559) 565-3730, or mail to : 47050 Generals Highway, Attn: Special Use Permits, Three Rivers, CA 93271

To pay application and permit fees by credit card, debit card or direct debit, go to Pay.gov and input “SEKI” into the search bar. Choose “Continue to the Form” under the “Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP Wedding Permit Fees” form and then choose “Continue to the Form” again to submit payment. To pay by personal checks, money orders or cashier’s checks, make the payment out to: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Mail to: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Attn: Special Use Permits, 47050 Generals Highway, Three Rivers, CA 93271-9700

Perfect Time to Elope in Sequoia National Park 

What’s so great about Sequoia National Park is that the park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, this means you can elope whenever you want throughout the year but there are certain seasons that are better than others! 

Summer Elopement

Summer is by far the most popular time to elope in Sequoia National Park, so remember that there will be a lot more people and tourists! Nevertheless, it is the best time to elope if you are hoping to have a hiking elopement! By mid-July, the snow has disappeared and the trails are safe to hike. Do keep in mind that if you decide to have a Sequoia National Park elopement in the summer that it’s wildfire season! So make sure you are aware of the conditions and are always being kept up to date on the National park’s website!

Fall Elopement 

The Fall season in Sequoia National Park is pretty short and the temperature starts to cool down in September while the snow comes around in October, so if you aren’t into eloping in the cold then eloping in Sequoia National Park in the Fall might not be for you. You also want to remember that this time is when road closures may occur because they are cleaning the roads off from the start of the snow season. 

Although, if you are into snow elopements then this is the dreamiest time for you! The best part about eloping during the snow season is that there are fewer crowds and the fall foliage and snow are extremely beautiful!

Winter Elopement 

As I mentioned above, Winter elopements can be such a magical time to elope here in Sequoia National Park though, there can be some complications as well! Be aware of the snow storms and road closures. It is also a must that you have snow chains as it’s required when driving around here in the wintertime! 

Spring Elopement 

Spring can be very unpredictable here in Sequoia National Park. It can very sunny or have some snow! However, one of the best places to elope during the spring here in Sequoia National Park is up in the foothills! You won’t believe how gorgeous the wildflowers look when they start to bloom, the whole park is bursting with color, a picture-perfect time for an elopement! 

Are you convinced that Sequoia National Park is the elopement location for you and are looking for a California elopement photographer? I’d love to capture your special day at this unforgettable elopement location! 

Thinking of eloping somewhere else in Southern California with a similar vibe? Check out my blog on How to Elope in the Eastern Sierras & Mammoth Lakes or How to Elope in Big Bear & Lake Arrowhead. Check out my packages and pricing on my website and see more of my work here!

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